Such good intentions!

Monday, August 09, 2004

The fall is upon us!

I do a lot of crafts. More now than ever I have before. Right now I am knitting merrily away on a beautiful shawl in a natural-coloured worsted wool. I'm about a quarter of the way through it; it's one of the biggest knitting projects I have ever taken on, and it has challenged me. Although I have been knitting off and on for most of my life, I prefer a shallow learning curve. Thus, I am not very experienced for the amount of time I have spent knitting. My skills probably lie in the intermediate range.

Recently I have been introduced into the world of trendier knitters. These are the people who shop at local yarn shops and use yarns I've hardly ever heard of, rather than the yarns they got on sale at Zellers in mostly acrylics or maybe a few cotton or wool blends. They use Koigu rather than Kroy, and they use bamboo or casein needles rather than the steel, aluminum, or plastic that I until recently thought were the only readily available options.

I've discovered how easy it can be to spend hundreds of dollars on yarn. I spend a lot more than I used to; gone are the days I saved to buy skeins of grey Shetland Chunky for scarves, at a dollar or two a pop. My most recent acquisition was two four-ounce skeins of locally-produced wool on Salt Spring Island. They are a dark heathery grey, and will go nicely with some hand-spun undyed wool I bought at the Interior Provincial Exhibition last August, for socks or mittens. I haven't decided which. The more recent skeins were six bucks a pop, which I'd say is a darn good price.

I'm off to finish cleaning out old binders and knit some more on that shawl.